Stoney Creek is a horror podcast anthology series that, through personal accounts and eyewitness testimonies, unravels the truth behind a sleepy and mysterious town nestled in a lost forest along the Oregon coast.


SEASON ONE: The Endgrave

When the body of 17-year-old Emmett King is found by his high school sweetheart Jessie Mauro, it leaves the residents of Stoney Creek shocked and perplexed: his blood has been drained and skeleton stripped. Determined to find out the truth behind her loved one's murder, Jessie soon discovers more than she bargained for, unveiling terrifying mysteries about her own town - The Endgrave may be more than a local legend after all…


WHO Are we and WHAT Are we DOING?


I was raised in the town that the original Halloween was filmed in. The house that little Mike Myers killed his sister in sits on a corner in the heart of my hometown’s downtown district. It was conveniently moved there for all of us to marvel at. And with that, horror has always been in my bones.


A few years ago, I entered a contest for Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights. I was to re-imagine one of the classic Universal Monsters. Figuring that we were rounding the corner of peak Twilight hysteria, perhaps instead of Dracula, I should dig deep into the paralyzing sadness and dread of a modernized Invisible Man. From that essay, birthed The Endgrave -- Stoney Creek's Season One villain. But who is The Endgrave, you may ask? You'll have to listen to find out!

SEASON TWO: vanished

(coming soon)

While shuttling vacationers on their way to an Alaskan Cruise that departs from Vancouver, B.C., a Greyhound bus is forced to make an emergency stop in the lost village of Stoney Creek. Rose Baker and her two children welcome the much-needed breath of fresh air and step outside while her husband Tory stays behind to check his emails.

It's been 42 days and Tory is starting to wonder... Did his family vanish? Or was it him?